New file won't show up even after using development mode, purging cache, clearing browser cache, etc

I uploaded some new site files today via FTP. Everything went smoothly except for my JavaScript file. I used development mode, I purged the cache, I even purged my browser cache and used different browsers. My JavaScript file is the only file that will NOT update at all. I can see from the server files that the new JS file is definitely there, I even downloaded it to be sure it’s the updated one and it is. It’s just the one being served by Cloudflare is the old one and it will not update even after a purge. I went so far as to even implement a rule for the JS file to bypass the cache because I cannot for the life of me figure out why it won’t update, and it STILL won’t update.

My steps are:

(1) Turn on Cloudflare development mode
(2) Update file via Filezilla
(3) Turn off development mode
(4) Purge the file
(5) Purge the browser cache

The new file will not show up. I’ve tried purging both the individual file and the whole site to see if that will help.

Any ideas?

Last time I heard this happen it turned out the user had uploaded it to the wrong server.

As a test, how about uploading a plain text file into the same directory? Like sample.txt with a line of text. See if that downloads, then update it to see if it updates.

So far, it’s unheard of for a file to not update after all your steps.

If you’d like more eyes on this, post the URL for that JS file and the sample TXT file.

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