New Feature, NAT64 service in Cloudflare

I know that Cloudflare provides a DNS64 service. Wouldn’t it be a nice feature if they also provide a full DNS64/NAT64 service? Here is a link to a test site that does provide this for testing purposes:

At this site, you can just point your DNS server and it then serves up NAT64 translated addresses for access to ipv4 networks over ipv6.

It seems it would be easy for Cloudflare to implement, as they already have the DNS service. They would just have to implement a NAT64 service at each of their local presence sites and their DNS would automatically route you to the closest Cloudflare ipv6 subnet and then use Cloudflare ipv4 to get to the rest of the network.

Who knows, perhaps at some point that may be an option for one of our paid services…

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