New Emoji domain problems

A few months ago I registered some domains with the new 2018 emoji defined in Emoji 11.0 specification, but Cloudflare timedout when adding it and then an entry was added to my domain list with no name, just a wrench icon indicating additional Setup is required/pending, but when I clicked it, Cloudflare gave me a 404 error and if I tried to set it up again from the beginning it would say the domain already exists in my account, after trying random things (sending all the data myself with cURL and basic sockets, etc) I was able to successfully add it and complete setup, but I don’t think the average user would be able to do this easily.

Now the ‘invisible’ domain has disappeared from my account, but I have two instances of the same domain that originally had the problem, one entry works fine but the other is still pending setup and the buttons have what I assume is the component’s name as their text (e.g. ‘overview.status.initializing.button’) and if I define any DNS hosts they are ignored, so it’s essentially a useless entry in my domain list that I’m unable to remove.

I can manage around these issues, I just wanted to report the bug and get it to the right people.

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