New Email service

Has anyone been approved for this new email service, I have requested it but heard nothing at all back

I have been accepted :wink:, you will have to wait actually

how long did you wait? its been 2 weeks+

2 month + but you can send email to sven at cloudflare . Com if you are lucky you may get accepted :wink: send your cloudflare account email.

Ps. I have shared his email more, hope he doesn’t get angry :no_mouth:

ok, Thanks

so i got this enabled. That allows me to recieve an email from, forward it to say a gmail at, but then how can this be used to send an email with & not

It’s only an inbound mail forwarding service. It’s not for outbound mail.

Gmail might have a “Send As” option, but I don’t use Gmail.

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any of the cludflare guys here then, seems like a bit of a half job then, its good to have the incoming emails but a huge part of the puzzle missing if you cant send out anything using the same emails as the incoming? Unless your just uisng it for a [email protected] etc

Anyone done it with gmail?

I use cloudflare email routing in combination with AWS ses to send email on Gmail and it works :wink:

any docs on how to do that?

No docs, just Setup AWS SES and its done

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