New - Email no longer working after enabling cloudflare


New to cloudflare, enabled cloudflare and now my email is no longer receiving email. I had initially searched posts and added as someone with zero experience with this, have added an

A record for the mail server without proxy as I saw in other solutions.

And an MX record for my root (I think?)

Attached is an image for reference with IP blocked out as I don’t know if it’s a good idea to have it floating around publicly. The IP used was found from cPanel “zone DNS” for this particular website and is the same as the mail IP. Yet it is still not working

Any help would be kindly appreciated.

Warmest Regards

Perfect timing, just shared this, Getting started with Cloudflare DNS: Adding MX records to Cloudflare - YouTube, here Email Troubleshooting

Hi Cloonan,

Thanks for that.

I have decided to delete the MX records and A records for mail and re-input them as per your video.

Will update if it’s still not working as this is literally the same thing I had done before before posting.
I will have to check point 5 however.

Warmest Regards

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