New doman transfer process is extremely unfriendly

Since I am not new to Cloudflare domains, I sat down a to transfer some more domains from my current registrar to Cloudflare.

But I noticed a blocker that was not showing my domain as available to transfer even though it was unlocked with the previous register (this was not something that was required while initiating domain transfers to Cloudflare until we are 100% ready)

After some google search, noticed this has been already called out here

Why in the world do you want us to put our domains at risk by unlocking but not being able to complete the transfer immediately which was not the case earlier?

This unfriendly process will stop a lot of us from using Cloudflare. Hope the team prioritizes this and get it to work the way it was earlier instead of breaking things that was smooth and simple.

This is something that is managed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

You can explore the details: EPP Status Codes | What Do They Mean, and Why Should I Know?

Take care!

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