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I need help setting up my domain.

Hi there,

I see you already added the domains and are now both on pending state.
Follow this guide from #2 to finish the setup:

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Thank You.
I am clueless on how to set up the domain in cloudflare.I am referring to the domain only.Could you please help me -step by step.
I notice that the nameservers in Icann are not the same as the two in cloudflare.
Should they be the same?

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Yes, you should remove the two at your domain registrar and add only the two from cloudflare as shown on

From the doc @mcorreia shared above

โ€‹โ€‹2 โ€” Update nameservers

Once you have added a domain (also known as a zone) to Cloudflare, that domain will receive two assigned authoritative nameservers.

Before your domain can begin using Cloudflare for DNS resolution, you need to add these nameservers at your registrar. Make sure DNSSEC is disabled at this point.

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Hi Cloonan.
I appreciate your help.
I think I have a bigger problem than I previously thought.
My domain subscription lapsed and was deleted from cloudflare on or about March 13th. I was informed by Cloudflare support that I could re-register it a day after the deletion date, which I did.
I paid a Cloudflare subscription on that day which was approved.However, on checking today, I noticed that the domain name is active.
This is a rather odd domain name ending in and I do not remember stating such a name.So it appears to me that I have wasted much time trying to troubleshoot a domain that I no longer own.
Is there anything I can do to recover my domain or should I just move on?
Thanks for your help.

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The original domain has nameservers. They are an aftermarket domain sale site that is now owned by GoDaddy. The domain whois indicates that the domain was registered on 2023-03-13, right at your deletion date. This suggests that it was registered by a speculator that is hoping to sell it.

You could always contact the seller and see if they will accept whatever price you are willing to offer. Beyond that, you may just need to move on and find a new domain.

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Thank you.I created the domain name approximately 4 years ago, in honour of my granddad.I am disappointed about this but blame no one but myself
As you have suggested, the best is to move on because I am not prepared to pay $4000.00 to recover it.
I discovered today that Cloudflare registered a new domain on my behalf named rather odd name ending in this odd name be revised to not include gmail but an alphabetical letter or other symbol ?

I would check back in around a year to see if the speculator abandons the name. That could allow you to pick it back up for the standard registration fee.

We would need to review the footage from your positronic matrix to see what happened to cause gmail to be appended to the name you registered.

Domain registrations are offered at cost and are nonrefundable. You will need to register the name you want as a new registration. While it may be a minor annoyance to have to spend another $15 or so, it beats the $4K price being sought by the speculator.

Be sure to confirm that the name is exactly as you want before you finalize your order.

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Thank You.
I will await your postronic review.

I just want to make sure you understand that I was making a Star Trek joke about Lt. Cdr. Data whose positronic computer brain records everything he sees. We have no way of knowing how you submitted a domain name with the gmail string tacked on the end.

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HAHa. you got me there.

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