New domain trouble adding to cloudflare

Hi Cloudflare team! I´ve got the same problem. could you please help me! Thanks in advance!

I’d go back to the resolved thread, Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information help - #4 to see what steps were taken to resolve the issue. Specifically

I would not use a “random” set of nameservers as we need to verify them as part of getting started. The domain was registered yesterday, perhaps go back to the registrar and change the name servers to those provided by them. Next, check to ensure those nameservers have propagated. At that point, add the domain to cloudflare and then change to the two nameservers shown at the bottom of your dns app on the cloudflare dashboard.

Finally, you really should never change your nameservers to cloudflare prior to adding the site, you can :search: this site to find out what happens (hint - it leaves your site is open to hijacking), it’s not good.

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