New domain taking over old domain - how to handle records for the new domain?

A new site is taking over another site, which will become obsolete. Do I merely copy all of the “records” from the first site and recreate it for the second one?

Secondly, it states in the MX records that my IP addressed is exposed when sending emails, how can I prevent this from being exposed?

Thank you!

If you’re migrating a site to a new domain, ensure DNS records are configured appropriately. Consult your hosting team, especially if using Cloudflare. If email services share the same server, MX records may expose IP; consider using a separate email service like G Suite for improved security.

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Thank you. Yes, MX record does warn of exposing the IP. However, when I called the hosting company they said to contact Cloudflare since it’s beyond their customer service obligations. :frowning: I have lots of “records” in my old domain and don’t know what 99% of them are and just don’t know if I need to recreate them for the new site or not.

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