New domain stuck in "Pending" status (waiting for NS to update)

I have an account with 6 domains that successfully run on Cloudflare. However, 3 days ago I added another domain ( to the account but its status is stuck in “Pending”, even though I have changed the nameservers of the domein to the Cloudflare ones.

When I run dig +trace it seems that everything is setup correctly.

Can anyone spot where I made a mistake?


You need to disable DNSSEC at your registrar.

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Thanks for the reply, @Laudian!

However, it is a brand new domain and DNSSEC has never been enabled at all. The screenshot attached should show this (“Uitgeschakeld” = “Switched off”)

How did you conclude it is switched on? Is this something I can check myself as well?

Thanks again!

You can look here at the whois entry: Whois

DNSSEC:      yes

Or here at the actual setting: DNSSEC Debugger -

Found 1 DS records for in the nl zone

A DS record in the parent zone means that DNSSEC is enabled. Otherwise, it should say

No DS records found for in the nl zone

Thanks! I had to contact my registrar and they fixed something for me regarding DNSSEC.

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