New domain stuck in "Pending Nameserver Update"

A brand new domain I just added is stuck in ‘Pending Nameserver Update’ for more than 12h now, however running WHOIS or any other dns query on it shows it has not been registered anywhere yet.

What is the domain @broligen ?

It most certainly appears is available

If you recently made a transaction for this domain I assume you have a verification email stating a much. In that case, was the domain typed correctly? If it wasn’t, you will need to register the correct domain. Otherwise I suggest contacting the registrar for assistance.

If you haven’t registered the domain, how do you expect to have the ability to configure nameservers for it?

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You will have to purchase the domain on a registrar before adding it to Cloudflare.

If you purchase the domain on Cloudflare, it will automatically be added to your account, however, do note Cloudflare currently does not support ‘.be’ domains.

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