New domain resolving to spam

Registered a new domain thru Tucows and setup DNS with CloudFlare. However, DNS is directing me to spam. It appears to be going thru multiple URL redirects before landing on a site wanting me to “upgrade”.

The domain is and is intended to point to a WordPress sub-site. I can access the site via I am looking to mask the subdomain with

At a loss to figure this one out so any help is appreciated.


Hi @art4,

Can you check that the nameservers for that domain show in your account (under your DNS records) as:

If so, you can try pausing Cloudflare (bottom right under Advanced Actions) to check if the issue remains. I suspect it will still not work and that it’s not Cloudflare related.

You will also need to make sure that the server is configured properly to serve the site on that host and with a working SSL/TLS config, but that’s not Cloudflare related.

Cloudfare is telling me to use:

My other domain uses the NS you referred to.

In which case, you need to update the nameservers at your registrar to point to the ones required by Cloudflare.

I suspect what you did is change the nameservers to the same as your other ones before adding the domain. This is not a valid setup and can result in hijacking, which may be what happened here.

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I have changed the NS at the registrar…not quite 24 hours ago. Just looked in CF and it says NS pending so I need to wait. When I first established the domain I did use the NS you referred to but when I logged into CL DNS it indicated the need to use lewis. and vida.

One odd thing. When I accessed this new site to create DNS entries…the table was full of a bunch of entries already. Which I promptly deleted.

I just initiated a CF name server check.

I don’t see the correct nameservers, so I would recommend checking with your registrar.

Your domain does have the clientUpdateProhibited status, so that may be affecting it.

Ok, thanks.

Should I worry about …

traceroute: Warning: has multiple addresses; using

My register changed the NS to CloudFlare. Their CP tool was not functioning correctly. So I am waiting the change to sow up at CF.

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