New Domain Registration?

I can’t seem to find anywhere to buy/registrar a New Domain Name! I’ve searched everywhere, followed link after link, searched the web again and all I have avail are adding my own domains or transferring a domain to CloudFlare. No options for a new domain registration. I’ve spend over an hour and although I read how great the prices are, I can’t waste anymore time looking for a link that doesn’t seem to be showing.

Any help to where to go?

You cannot register new domains through Cloudflare.
Rather you can transfer already registered domains to the Cloudflare registar.

You can find that in the Cloudflare dashboard under your account on the right side of the Website list you have added or not yet to your account, there is “Account Analytics”, “Workers”, “Registar”, etc.

The thing you obviously need is “Registar - Transfer domains with zero mark-up on renewals.”. Click on that and check if your domain is eligible to transfer due to some TLDs are not yet supported by Cloudflare registar like .eu (Eurid), .hr (ccTLD), etc.

In case you need help with transfering domains, check out here: