New domain registration failed

Just purchased a new domain and while purchasing the payment failed for whatever reason(wasn’t the form of payment that was the issue). When I went back in to try the purchase again it was successful. When logging back into start setting up the new domain, I noticed 2 new domains were purchased. The first one was the original domain that I tried to purchase that failed during payment. The second new domain was the same name with extra letters in it. I assume my original domain I purchased actually went through to at least blocking that the domain was available. How can I correct the original domain registration failed issue? It would also be nice if the second domain was cancelled if possible.

We did see issues on new purchases last week where they appeared to fail but were successful.

What are the domains in question? Did you open a ticket with Support?

So the domain selfinflicted1 is the one that failed and that is the one I want to keep. The second one is selfinflincted1 and I would like to close that if possible. Yes I did open a ticket and the id number is 2491346.

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Thank you, i have escalated that for the Billing & Registrar team, they will communicate with you on the ticket.

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