New domain registered at cloudflare, not loading

Hi, When you have a new domain with a 3rd. registrar, you must set your DNS to point to Cloudflare, right? Well, what I must do with a new domain from Cloudflare registrar??

I have my new hosting space too and WP installed, but I don’t know what I must do because my new website is not loading.

Where I must set nameservers if I buy domain from Cloudflare?

|NS| alla. ns. Cloudflare. com
|NS| clyde .ns. Cloudflare. com

Or, I must wait a lot of time to be online?

I hope you understand what I try to explain.

Thanks in advance

That’s what i’m talking about, Cloudflare is supposed to automatically configure my website.
I have this (screenshot) maybe it can help to help me.

The nameservers stay as they are pointing to Cloudflare and you just need to add the relevant DNS records to point to your hosting provider. You should ask them for what these are if you don’t know.

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