New domain not working

It’s extremely strange that a forum for a website protection company, doesn’t allow links in forum posts which are meant to ask for help.

Just setup HireCMO(.)io, and setup a page rule correctly. But now it’s not working.

Domain was bought on CF last night.

Page rule is a permanent redirect from hirecmo(.)io/ to tally(.)so/r/wA7YAB.


It’s forum rules, not the company rules. And it may be use to prevent spam links.

Could you please show your rules on Cloudflare so we can check what’s wrong?

I have just check and it show that your domain is not point to Cloudflare, its name server is on Godaddy default NS

You HAVE TO change the nameserver to these nameserver to make it work

AND one more thing, you HAVE TO add at least 2 records for root domain and www to make your rules Work

From my understanding, the nameservers are correctly configured already.

And I also don’t know what to do under the DNS portion. I understand I have to add records (as seen in my image and your post now) but I’m not sure what exactly to type out under DNS.

NS records have been configured. However, propagation is not yet complete. It may take a couple of hours to complete the same. You can check using this link

You can configure A records as well as www record. Read this doc:

Thanks for the propagation tool.

Although I appreciate you linking the DNS help doc, I’m not reading 10 pages now. I need exact answers for what to type for my records shown in the pictures above.

Watch this video and you need to add 2 records, 1 A record with name @ and point to any ip address, ie and 1 Cname record name www and target to your root domain

In this case, a root domain A records can point to
a CNAME record point to your domain

Take a look at these picture


You’re the best. Thanks for helping me! I only could add the “A” type. But now the redirection works.

As the error says at the bottom of the page, you already have got A and cannot add CNAME @ which is a replacement for

You cannot have the same hostname as a duplicated DNS record added.

If you’d like to add a www as a CNAME type of the DNS record, change the @ to www and it would work.

Otherwise, add the A type then www pointed to the IP address.

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