New domain- no edit but 4 NS

I need someone experienced to edit my domain name server for me. I’m not even sure what Cloudflare is but I know not it does not host. Please help me fix my account!

You need to set your nameservers at your registrar. If you are not sure how to do that, contact them for clarification. Though if you are not overly familiar with Cloudflare, you probably don’t need to use it.

I registered with cloudflare. I will pay you to fix this Tommy name server. And I will transfer out after 60 days can you help me?

If Cloudflare is your registrar, then I am afraid you cannot change nameservers.

However you can configure all your DNS entries on Cloudflare - see Tutorial for more details

I cannot find the edit button! I’ve been moving around the site now 7 hours. I’ve tried to do this I don’t understand these processes.

Again, you cannot change nameservers.

Can I point to an external domain until I transfer in 60 days I’m so confused. I feel held hostage

As already mentioned, you need to configure your DNS entries on Cloudflare. Aforementioned link has the details.

Can I pay you to make this happen?

I’m not a developer I’m a basic web design

I am afraid the forum here is not intended for paid work.

My advice would be to contact your host and clarify with them which entries you need and then configure them accordingly on Cloudflare.

There are also sites for such paid requests like Fiver, but be careful as there are lots of people who advertise their services, but will provide a subpar service.

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Manage DNS records · Cloudflare DNS docs specifically is about adding DNS.

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Your very kind. I’ve done all of these steps. Cloudflare not answer phone, can’t get a support ticket, I’ve went everywhere
I even started with TYPE A TYPE NS AND ADDING NOTHING IS Working sorry for caps.

The plan you are on will be a self-service plan, which means Cloudflare does not provide any support outside of when their own system broke.

I am afraid you really need to discuss this with your host and clarify which settings you need and then configure this accordingly on Cloudflare. Once you performed that, it will work.

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Is that on DNS RECORDS— how to— manage dns records— ((create DNS RECORDS)1. DNS> records
2. Click Add Record
2. Choose a record TYPE

Yes, you just need to follow the instructions in mentioned link. But first, you certainly need to know what you need to configure and that is what you need to clarify with your host.

My host is hostgator hostigator?

I can’t comment on that I am afraid, but you need to talk to them and find out what you need to configure on Cloudflare.

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Thank you for your time!! I really appreciated your comments!! Ali

No worries :slight_smile: