New domain has disappeared

I added a new domain to my dash account and after 3 or 4 hours there is no update tot he nameserver which most of my client and server computers use by default these days. My domain has effectively disappeared off the net (for me and my servers). The domain is and whois shows the right details (nameservers changed at my registrar etc) and the records pulled in look okay to me.

The note in the dashboard where it provides the Cloudflare nameservers says it can take up to 24 hours to propagate but in the mean time ti should be a seemless transition. Most domains I have added have been a real problem and I’ve had to back out. This time I will try and wait it out even if I can’t get to dozens of my other domains that depend of this one for resolution (PTRs etc).

Can anyone else kdig or have any step by step advice how to migrate a domain to Cloudflare without losing any DNS in the mean time?

Your domain appears to be properly set up with Cloudflare, but it doesnt seem to have any DNS records.

Thanks for checking. Under DNS settings in my dashboard I have 7 A records, 1 MX, and 4 TXT records as pulled in from my previous nameserver as seen by “dig any”.

Should I remove them and put them in again manually or something?

Update: these seem to be okay… just not getting through to

dig a
dig a
dig a
dig ns

Its returning a SERVFAIL.

I think it is a DNSSEC configuration issue. Try disabling it at your registrar / update it with the Cloudflare records.

Thanks martin2, I’ve canceled the DNSSEC setting in the dashboard and removed the DS record at my registrar. Would you mind trying whatever you did to see if you are still seeing a SERVFAIL please?

Update: OIC, the status: SERVFAIL in the dig header.

Google’s public DNS ( is returning results now, which it didn’t before. not yet. Perhaps some cache

Edit: working now!

I just tried and now @ is showing some sign of life.

Thanks for the hints guys, much appreciated. Lesson learnt, transition a domain and it’s records FIRST before adding DNSSEC!


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