New Domain DNS zone is not resolving

I registered a new domain [] and when trying to add it to Cloudflare I receive the error ‘This is not a registered domain’. I contacted my domain register and they told me that I must contact Cloudflare support and check with them as to why the dns zone is not resolving. I have never encountered this before. I did also try changing to Cloudflare nameservers but I still received the same error.
Any help would be appreciated.

That domain is not using Cloudflare name servers, so your registrar’s instructions to ask Cloudflare why it doesn’t resolve is incorrect. You’re using dnsireland name servers, and there are no DNS records for your domain.

The easiest way to add a domain to Cloudflare is if there’s already a site, even if it’s a Parked Domain page. Does your registrar offer this?

Or even just adding placeholder IP addresses at your registrar would help. for and www should fix it.

Thank you for your quick response. Originally they were pointed to Cloudflare nameservers but since I couldn’t add the domain to Cloudflare I changed it back the the domain register so I could manage DNS records some how.
This is where I become confused. With the domain register I must create a DNS Zone. Then I can edit DNS records which I have done. Now are you advising I change @ [] A record and www CNAME record to

It’s never a good idea to point a domain at name servers not assigned to that domain. This can lead to domain hijacking where someone who does have access to those name servers can add your domain to their account.

Do whatever it takes at your registrar, but making sure your hostnames have IP address so they resolve is the easiest way to add a domain to Cloudflare.

I found a tutorial with my domain register with that IP address and those nameservers. I will give it a few hours to propagate. Again, thank you for the help.

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It looks like it’s beginning to propagate. Have you given it another try?

I have and it’s finally working. I have now changed the nameservers back to cloudflare. I will wait on cloudflare to confirm that. Unfortunately the support from my domain register is severely lacking at best. And not the first time. This was something that should have been blatantly obvious to them but they decided rather to pass it off to Cloudflare. I really appreciate your help sir!

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