New Domain but no DNS info?

First off - Feel free to point me to another area that covers this!

I have transferred many existing domains over to Cloudflare, and those all went over just fine.

However, I have never actually purchased a new domain with Cloudflare until yesterday. I’m on the free plan, and all I want is to have a redirect rule send the traffic to my YouTube channel.


The problem is that right now, there is no information under the DNS (like we see with the other transferred domains).


Is there some step that I may be missing? Again, this is a new domain purchased right from Cloudflare, so I didn’t set anything else up. It already has assigned Nameservers in place…but since there is no DNS settings, the domain name doesn’t resolve in order to redirect.

Rule Configuration:

Thanks in advance for helping me get this resolved!

You are going to need a DNS entry in order for the redirect tool to take effect. You can set up an A record that is proxied :orange: for your domain like so everyone who visits that will be redirected.

Check out this guide for more:

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I appreciate the quick response! I wasn’t sure what IP address to put in the record. According to that article you referenced, it looks like it should be “”.

This is what I now did:

Does that look correct, or is there some other default IP to use?

I imagine that if it’s correct, it will take a little time to resolve through the network before it will resolve.

That looks correct. I am getting redirected when I try to go to

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