New dns records number limit?

It seems a new quota appeared today on the number of records registered in a DNS zone (Free account), a nicely low and fixed 1000 records.
Since no information was made available about this, in the “Plans” page or anywhere, in which “non-free” plan can we hope to have a higher quota limit now?

Just found it!.. the FAQ page was updated today.

The new version:
1000 records for Free account.
3500 records for the others.

The previous version:
The limit per domain is 3,500 records. If you’d like to add more than the limit for a domain, contact us describing the use case and the need for more record types.


Wow, what a slap in the face. They dropped the limit without any warning, could they not send warning emails to customers with 1k or more. I tried finding a limit and could’t, I thought maybe I can give them money for more records but there was no limit specified anywhere.

I love Cloudflare (well, I love them a whole lot less now). Probably going to use something else where the company actually communicates limit changes.

Wow is right! You could have at least grandfather us in at the 3500 limit, for those us who already had an account with more than 1000 records. What poor service and communication! Your customer support has not adequately replied to my request, just auto replied with the normal how to create a DNS record.

Fix it, please. Grandfather us in.

I’d be curious what use-case would require more than a thousand records.

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You have a tiny /22 subnet (1024 ips) and you are done.
In my case, a sparse /21 subnet and external customers mapping CNAME of their domain to a CNAME in my zone, these CNAMEs targeting one or multiple A record(s). It is the proper schema for delegation and it consumes records.

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A setup like the one you mentioned should not run on a free plan though but at least on a pro plan, possibly business and in both cases you do not have that 1000 limit.

We didn’t have a 1000 limit until Monday, we had a 3500 limit. And that change was not communicated. I get that it is free and Cloudflare can do whatever they please, but we were on our way to 3500… we were planning on staying and paying. Now? Not so sure.

Why? If you planned to sign up for paid plan anyhow, it should be okay. I agree, Cloudflare could have communicated that better though.

Cloudflare is touted as the best. This is our trial run with Cloudflare, this is how they communicate changes? What would you do? Do they do this often? Do you know? @sandro

The plans ?
DNS service is the same between Free and Pro plans.
I don’t make the rules. I read them and adapt.
If Cloudflare want to offer the service I signed for, for free. Why should I take the Pro plan ?

The proof is “I took the PRO plan” now… because the rules changed.
But the rules changes unilaterally without any notice and information from Cloudflare.

And for your information, I give you the explanation of the customer service of Cloudflare. It speaks by itself. A real non-sense because the information of the quota is now on the FAQ.

Benedict Yesterday at 14:47
Hi there,
This change in limits was made to limit an attack vector. We try to limit the communication around area’s like these, also the number of users this would affect was limited.

Cloudflare is quite dynamic in this regard, and that is not supposed to be a euphemism :), but I’d say they are more conservative for paid plans and in that scenario you definitely have a better case for complaint to support should they really go through with it.

If you need more than a thousand records I’d advise to sign up for the $20 plan and the problem will go away.

I am not sure what you are saying. The plans are not the same. Free is limited to a thousand records, paid to 3500.

I can only give you the same advice as I just did with @it198.

I consider others advises when they are taking the time to read and understand the context. It doesn’t seem to be your case.

“NOW” the plans are not the same. 2 days ago, they were the same.
And I told you " I took the Pro plan " yesterday, and I even provided you the customer service answer which is a real joke.

@dns8 I believe you are saying you now have to pay $1000/month with out any notice to keep your service at the level they were at.

How would that make you feel? @sandro

I’m not in that boat, $20 will suffice… you are right. @sandro

If they knew it only impacted a limited number of customers, why not send something out to those customers. Give them a chance to work around it or to plead their case… or how about you just grandfather those customers in to the 3500 limit.

To state it one last way. I believe the attack vector is legit, I want them to work around such things when I need them to in the future. Just wish they could find a way to better communicate the change to those impacted.

You are free to consider whatever you wish. You were talking about some “proof” but it did not say that you signed up for a paid plan. If you did so, what is the issue? The 1000 limit does not apply to you anyhow, does it? This seems to be a non-issue to me.

Yes, there is not issue at all, they can change their plans when they want without notice.

It is just a complete lack of respect and consideration for their users/customers.

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Did they change the paid plan you signed up for?

You dived too deep for me.
I have work to do.

Have a nice day everyone!

This change was made recently by our internal teams. I’m not at liberty to go into the details of why the change was made, but I can tell you ‘as a way to get customers to pay us more money’ was absolutely not the genesis of the conversation. Significantly less than 1% of our customers on the free plan have more than 1,000 records, so if that’s what we’re reduced to as levers for making more money I need to start shopping my resume around. :wink:

So if the change wasn’t made to extract more money and was made in short order with little notice (the FAQ was updated within an hour or so of the change, I was part of the discussion), I hope that customers understand we must have had a compelling reason to do it.

Yes we often roll out changes and enhancements to our products. The pace of change is actually pretty staggering as someone tasked with describing the scope of our functionality to customers and supporting them. Some changes are rolled out with little or no notice/ fanfare (Brotli support, TLS 1.3 to origin). Some are more measured/ controlled (Registrar/ QUIC). In general we, as a company, tend to roll out more features and enhancements to various plans. This is a specific instance where there were business reasons for us to change the behavior in the opposite direction in short order. I can’t think of another time we’ve done that in the last couple of years… maybe someone else can.