New DNS record not showing in records list

What I’m Doing:
I am setting up a custom domain for my Groovepages account.

What I did:
I added the cname record as instructed [name @ Target TTL auto]

My issue or issues?
1 - After saving the new record it is not showing in my DNS records list
The new record boxes are filled in to show what I entered if I reenter the record I get a warning that the record already exists.

2 - When I go to my domain I am met with a 522 timeout error page showing that I’m not connecting from Cloudflare to the host.
Bowser Working <–> Cloudflare Working <–> Host Error

Not sure if this is all connected or 2 issues?

I appreciate your help or suggestions.

Your DNS is correct. The CNAME returns a Cloudflare IP address because it’s set to :orange:.

As for the 522, here are some suggestions:

Thanks for the info.
Is there a reason the DNS entry is not showing the the list?

EDIT: Ah, you mean the CNAME for @? @ is shorthand for your domain name, and you already have an “A” record for that.

Which DNS entry? Both www and non-www respond to DNS queries.

The Cname I entered
Name: @ Target: TTL: auto
Does not show in the list anywhere?
See image above for list

OK, got it. Thanks for your time.

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