New DNS CNAME not resolving but other records do with different names

We have added a new CNAME record and it doesn’t resolve. The error given is DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

Editing this record to any other name (leaving the value the same) resolves. Adding another record with the original name does not resolve.

We do these changes once or twice a month and they normally go fine. We have had this happen twice before. The next day (may be sooner), I can add a record of that name and it works so it appears like something fails in the add and then it is cached.

I have kept the record this time. Is there a way to contact Cloudflare support to see if they can see what has happened in the backend?

You can contact support at Are you trying to add a record like or maybe something suspicious like

I’ve found the ticket creation - thanks

and nope were weren’t adding a record anything suspicious.
We have
Then adding failed
but adding a new record or editing the first record worked and adding

The domain resolved a few hours later.

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