New Denoflare v0.5.0 released with R2 support

Just released Denoflare v0.5.0, my open-source CLI tool to develop and deploy Cloudflare Workers in Deno.

This release is packed with new R2-related features:

  • open-source R2 bucket public-read worker example (supports conditional, range requests) and a single local command to deploy it to your account and zone (via Custom Domains for Workers)

  • open-source presigned-urls worker example, generate private user credentials to use (not your cf credentials), deploy it to your account and use standard s3 tools to generate presigned expiring urls to your R2 bucket contents

  • new denoflare analytics r2 command to dump your current R2 daily usage and costs, as well as per-bucket

  • new denoflare r2 <subcommand> for 21 R2 operations (like get-object, list-objects etc)

  • associated lightweight TS module and individual functions for the R2 operations (hitting the s3 compat api)

  • test any workers with R2 bucket environment bindings locally with denoflare serve - the R2Bucket api (when running locally) will proxy calls to the actual R2 bucket over the s3 compat api so you can work with real data

Denoflare :heart: Cloudflare R2

Twitter announcement


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