New DDoS making Cloudflare annoying

I’m used to normal DDoS attacks where you suddenly get millions of requests, CF auto-mitigates and sends a “DDoS Attack Detected” e-mail (just one) about it. After a couple of hours the attack is over and the mitigation is silently deactivated.

What I’m seeing now appears to be a large number of low volume attacks where each source IP tries to make less than 100 requests per second apparently designed to be at or below the threshold for automatic mitigation. It’s not really putting a strain on the server, but I’m getting incessant e-mail notifications from CF as it keeps detecting what it thinks are new attacks.

Can anyone suggest what might be the best way of fixing this issue?

Key details of notification:

DDoS Attack Alert
A DDoS attack has been detected against one of your zones.
An automated mitigation rule has been deployed.
Attack ID = Always new
Type = HTTP Flood
Max rate = 100.00 rps

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