New Dashboard Layout - Make the Menu Easier For Multi Site Owners

In the previous GUI it was simpler to change websites, but stay on the same interface page (e.g. DNS).

Here is a suggestion, rather than making us click each time to page through 10 domains at a time alphabetically, give us a scrollable list that can be navigated quickly (especially when using a mouse wheel !!)

@Curious92761 The “new GUI” is using the exact same component as the “previous GUI” – so don’t know how it would have been simpler beforehand. Also, switching zones on a product page e.g. DNS, will keep you on the DNS page and should update to the new zone (when using the Sidebar Nav Zone Selector).

Scrollable list is another topic – keep in mind some accounts can have 50k+ zones, and loading all this data at one time may not be feasible. Searching for the zone is probably the quickest method available.


@zac5 Thanks for your contribution. Respectfully, I disagree with you. Multiple users are telling you that it is not efficient, yet you dismiss it and reject the option to consider improvements. What’s the point of feedback if you don’t listen ?

The new UI takes considerably more effort than the previous. A few tweaks could adjust the UX and make it faster.

“keep in mind some accounts can have 50k+ zones, and loading all this data at one time may not be feasible”

Not hard to do a lazy load / infinite scroll in a drop down. Ping me if you want me to set that up for ya ;-0) (example from codepen: not mine.

If you really have to, you can offer the user the choice of how many to load at a time.

Speaking for @zac5, who may not actually need me to do so, but I see his point as being: “this part of the dash, except for where you click to show the component, hasn’t changed between the new and old UI”. This makes it so while the UI may need to change (sidetone: I do like the search feature, and I can see a scrollable list won’t scale, at all, so in the current setup of zones there isn’t much more they can do), it wasn’t made worse by the new UI.

How would you do that with 50k zones?

Lazy load is exactly that - it loads only what you see in the window. You can have the first 20 or 30 websites / zones load initially, and then with each scroll another 30 appear.

It is much better for UX than having to click buttons - and it’s better on small devices too. The search function is fine - leave as is. I just hate the buttons and having to click through 5,000 times is not good.

Example: (example from codepen: not mine. )

While I am on the subject, another annoyance is if you click out of the websites list, and then go back, it resets to the top… at the very least, re-open where I left it prior.

Can you please describe how the database query/queries for that would work?

Database queries for what, websites? I’m not privvy to how CF have their datasets set up. It’s straightforward. Check the example I gave, you can see the coding example.

50,000 zones.

Actually, you are:

That would be awesome if you could modify that code to show a working example using the API call from above. Just be sure to blank out any account info in the demo (API Key/Token, etc).

If you can put it on Codepen, I’d love to check it out.

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Nice one. Feel free to PM me and we can set up the contract.

Otherwise, feel free to add something useful to a constructive conversation on how the panel UX could be improved.

I guess you weren’t serious here.

I’m not going to re-code Cloudflare’s interface for them today, I’m far too busy working on the redesign of Googles UX, Facebook is next, then Microsoft. I might have time next Tuesday. See you then?

Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

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I’ve seen Cloudflare incorporate a number of suggestions from feedback in the forums, support tickets and in person discussions with customers and end users. It would be unreasonable to expect that all of it would be incorporated, even if the suggestion is objectively ‘good’. If you have 50 years of geeking experience you already understand this.

Name 5. I mean I can, but I know over a hundred of them. I also can name dozens that are wicked smart and genuinely interested in solving hard technical problems and making the internet a better place for their users the customer’s end users.

As one of the people who helped in the initial planning for the community forum, I can say with certainty my primary driver wasn’t to recruit people to provide free support… but I certainly helped shortlist the current platform for internet points and badges because I felt it was conducive to building a sense of community.

Does Cloudflare rely too much on the forums to provide free support to their users? Yes.
Is that a problem? Yes.
Do end users of the service sometimes have unreasonable expectations for what Cloudflare (or anyone not acting as a paid consultant) should do for them? Yes.
Is there an easy answer? No.

I don’t disagree with the idea @Curious92761 presents, but I’ve also been a product manager on a solution where we implemented it. Is it a better experience for the end user? Shmaybe. In a complex UI on a small screen the infinite scroll of lazy load can prevent scrolling to different aspects of the UI and introduce other usability problems. It’s also difficult to implement correctly and may require additional backend database work to optimize for. When my team implemented the feature it took much longer than we originally anticipated to implement correctly. YMMV of course.

Does that mean Cloudflare should or shouldn’t do it? I’m not the product manager for that UI and I have no idea what their backlog of features and issues is. In a vacuum it’s a fine idea. But every new feature has a cost associated with it. Is it worth the cost to implement infinite scroll when search works ‘well enough’? Without knowing what gets left on the table instead and what the long term supportability costs of that implementation are… :person_shrugging:


All ideas are welcome. I’m just saying, what was once one click has now become three or four at the minimum… which is a lot of extra effort to achieve the same thing, especially when you multiply that by X number of sites…

You’ve got that right! I’ve had to write a macro.

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It is NOT The exact same component!
I don’t know why we cannot go back to BOTH GUIs. What’s the harm in that?
Let us make the choice. Listen to your users for a change.

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Looks like Zac removed his post - probably now agrees with you after second thoughts! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m not sure enabling both GUIs is the best idea, though I’m not against that. Personally, I’d just like to see some tweaks as I’ve mentioned that could be optional to enable or not… to allow easier navigation.

When they were “transitioning,” there was a switcher in the user settings, which is what I meant. Why force it upon us when the code was already there for us to choose? I guess Mamma Cloudflare knows best!

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I’ve just received a “Cloudflare user experience” survey email… guess which post I will be pointing them to :wink: I wonder if anyone will bother to reply.

'Course not! Its a feint.

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