New Dashboard Layout - Make the Menu Easier For Multi Site Owners

Hi there

I much preferred the old dashboard layout because I found the menu was much easier to navigate quickly when dealing with multiple sites in an account. However, it looks like the new dashboard layout and menu is here to stay - so here is some feedback - hopefully this will be supported by others and we can get a tweak made!

As a multi-site account owner, sometimes I need to quickly navigate between sites but on the same setting page. For example, let’s say I want to modify one setting across all sites… example: I want to refresh “Always Online” for each site. Previously, it was easy to use a big long drop down to change the site, but remain on the same config page. Now however, it seems you have to click three or four times to achieve the same. Not an issue if you have a few sites, but as I have close to 50 sites, it is very laborious.

At the moment, it seems the only way to do this in the current menu, is to press the little arrow to the right of the existing site - which then reveals several sites, but if (like me) you have multiple sites in your account, you then have to press additional nav buttons to scroll through the pages of accounts as they are listed alphabetically.

Perhaps there is another way? If so, I have not found it.

So meanwhile, please consider improving the navigation for multiple site owners.


I’m still using the previous layout


I’m not sure how much the team responsible for this looks at the community, please also submit your feedback here to make sure it gets to the right place.


Really dislike being forced into using the menu on the left. A pointless change. And I did leave feedback.

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I also did leave feedback - never got any reply…

It would be awesome if someone from the CF team could consider making the “navigate websites” section easier… even just one long drop down would be better than having to scroll through several panels of websites… why do we need to do that??

I concur with the new design that was shoved down our collective throats. And, guys, don’t waste your time with feedback; they do what they want.

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Yes, probably true about the feedback - but as is usually the case, if enough people stomp their collective feet, the vibrations can no longer be ignored… We just need a few (hundred) more voices I suspect.

Even so, hopefully a developer could spot this and at least take the suggestion to the next meeting to make the menu a bit more user-friendly with the excessive number of clicks now required!

If they really wanted to make it easier for multiple domain owners… instead of only being able to work with one domain at a time, why not an option to go to, for example, Edge Certificates, and see the settings for ALL my domains on a single page?

What I normally end up doing is opening all of my domains in separate tabs so I can switch between them quickly and compare settings by flipping between tabs… but I have to move slowly (like opening 1 tab per second) or I get temporarily IP banned for moving too fast.

(While we’re on the subject, the “Edge Certificates” page in particular tends to severely lag my browser, no matter what browser I’m using, especially if I have multiple copies of the page open for different domains in different tabs.)

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Interesting idea having all the sites listed on a particular config page - maybe make a screenshot / mockup of how you think that could look / work? And opening sites in new tabs - not practical when you have over 20 or 30 … to be honest, I thought it was fine how it was the old way - I just want that to be re-available (see my OP)

Practicality is in the eye of the beholder…

(most of that’s not actually Cloudflare but you get the idea)

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I don’t mean to insult your mockup but this would be chaos.

I have more than 20 domains on Cloudflare, and I’ve seen people with more than 1000 (one person I’ve seen had over 50k): seeing them all on the same page would cause overflow issues and I would never be able to get anything done.

I’m not saying your feedback is wrong: I’m just not sure that’s the way to go about it.

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I wouldn’t suggest replacing the standard view mode but an “all domains” view would be really useful to some. Maybe capped at 20 domains visible at once, or a configurable value. Maybe with excess domains splitting into pages, with page flip buttons to switch between them. Call it “god mode” or something cool like that

Sometimes I just want to work with a single domain, sometimes I want to look at settings for all my domains at once; Cloudflare should support both

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Thinking about it more… what if you could toggle a setting on or off for all your domains with a single click… that would be so baller, albeit not for the faint of heart.

or better yet…

if set the master slider was set to “On” or “Off”, it would disable the individual slider for each domain

p.s. hey Cloudflare if you want to use this, you don’t even have to pay me, this one’s on the house

I’m loving the suggestions guys… great mockups… CF devs please take note :wink:

Agree that it would be carnage to have a long list of sites. The All domain setting while a good idea, might not have enough control, if you want to exempt one or two domains…

How about a dropdown select that enabled CNTRL click to apply to multiple… ?

PS Cloudlfare if you want to use this, go ahead, I’ll just take a freebie or three… :wink:

Not sure how this would work with 50k domain :wink:

It wouldn’t, it’s a very poor design that doesn’t escale well. It would make more sense if CF had groups and you were able to manage group general settings/templates.

Well CF could make this setting optional, so if you prefer you can continue to use it as is.

But really, 50k domains sounds like an uncommon amount. With that number of domains, the current situation must be unworkable too.

I’m just coming up with ideas to solve a problem. Feel free to suggest your own ideas.

I, too, have hundreds of domains; the “old” GUI was easier to navigate from one features to another across domains. (for instance changing to WAF from domain a t domain B now requires one to goo back to “home.”

Hi @brianbrown, I am an engineer at Cloudflare.

In the new Sidebar Nav, if I am on the Security > WAF page for zone #1, e.g. /acctId/, then open the Sidebar Nav Zone Selector, click on zone #2, I stay on the same WAF page but now on zone #2, e.g. /acctId/ Are you experiencing something different?

Are you using the Zone Selector found at the top of the Sidebar Nav? (clicking the right arrow will expand this – and it only shows when the current selected account has >1 zone)

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I was wanting to traverse applications from domain-to-domain (“zone-to-zone”) without returning to home each time. This was possible under the old GUI.
This can now only be done by editing the domain name (“zone”) in the browser URL box and reloading.
There really needs to be a method to bulk edit apps like WAF, etc.