New Dashboard Layout - Make the Menu Easier For Multi Site Owners

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I much preferred the old dashboard layout because I found the menu was much easier to navigate quickly when dealing with multiple sites in an account. However, it looks like the new dashboard layout and menu is here to stay - so here is some feedback - hopefully this will be supported by others and we can get a tweak made!

As a multi-site account owner, sometimes I need to quickly navigate between sites but on the same setting page. For example, let’s say I want to modify one setting across all sites… example: I want to refresh “Always Online” for each site. Previously, it was easy to use a big long drop down to change the site, but remain on the same config page. Now however, it seems you have to click three or four times to achieve the same. Not an issue if you have a few sites, but as I have close to 50 sites, it is very laborious.

At the moment, it seems the only way to do this in the current menu, is to press the little arrow to the right of the existing site - which then reveals several sites, but if (like me) you have multiple sites in your account, you then have to press additional nav buttons to scroll through the pages of accounts as they are listed alphabetically.

Perhaps there is another way? If so, I have not found it.

So meanwhile, please consider improving the navigation for multiple site owners.


I’m still using the previous layout

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I’m not sure how much the team responsible for this looks at the community, please also submit your feedback here to make sure it gets to the right place.