"New Dashboard Experience" Bugs


I’ve found a few bugs within the “new dashboard experience”.

First, the banner that says “A new dashboard experience is now available! Try it now or learn more.” - if I click “Try it now”, it opens a new login window on dash.cloudflare.com, which is fine, but if I login and start using it, then come back to the normal www. CloudFlare site some time later, the main site is then on the new dashboard, but is still then showing the banner. Seems a bit redundant?

Secondly, I’m not sure if it’s the new dashboard or not, but under Crypto -> HSTS, the Max Age Header drop down menu is a wee bit buggy - I can see the usual settings however 0 (disabled) and 6 months are showing extra text:

  • “hsts.configuration.max_age_0”
  • “6 months hsts.configuration.max_age_recommended”

And finally - not sure if this is the new dash being buggy or what - but I setup a couple of new domains last night and today on CloudFlare, and wasn’t paying that close attention to what I was doing, however, I did notice on the last one I added that the mail (MX/SPF/DKIM) records weren’t showing up whatsoever on the initial DNS scan. I tried adding them manually, only to find that they already existed (I got an error saying so) - yet they didn’t show up on the initial “check this is okay” part of the adding a new domain process.

I’ve added the domain now and it’s up and running through CloudFlare (it’s a .org.uk one if that matters) and the correct records are now showing up under DNS in the dashboard, but they didn’t show up during the sign up process, which was a bit confusing.

I then double checked the other domains I added and also noticed one of the others, a .me domain, didn’t carry over one of my CNAME records for a subdomain. I added that, but it does seem a little buggy at the moment!


Thanks for the report. Let me see if I can get some additional info from the team. I’m also moving this to the Dashboard subcategory :slight_smile: