New customer here with possibly a corrupt Cloudflare portfolio

Hello, you all say that you want my private domain names to troubleshoot my issues but you community board here thinks I am posting 3 differents outside URL’s. Therefore blocking me from giving you the information that you need to fix these rather unexplainable issues. So since I cannot type the facts as needed right here, then please do 2 things, email my public email with your responses as well considering that this involves some confidential data that I do not want made public. I will give all the facts to a support person privately via email:


I am brand new to Cloudflare as well, so if your board platform here allows private messages, then use that feature too.

And let me say too that all of these errors have left me now with 3 very critically needed, non functional domains, until you all get me provisioned properly.

This gets pretty deep in facts, so in additional to all you community experts, I also want your Cloudflare management to review all this as well. So please forward it all as appropriate.

The community does not offer support by email. If you have a paid plan then you can open a private support ticket, otherwise you can only post here.

You can add URLs to your post by enclosing them in backticks (``) for example

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Like I tried to emphasize, my Dashboard functions are NOT working right, not at all. I realize that you have to upgrade to get support easier but the fact here is that your payment system will not take my credit card and I know it is a good card, I use it elsewhere multiple times a day.

So in many regards, a lot of critical functionalities, are not working per your normal protocol, and furthermore, not giving me one single error or message, nothing.

None of those 3 domains currently point to Cloudflare, one is using Wix and the other two Google for DNS.

They are also pending transfer to another Registrar, are you moving them away from Google Domains?

What exactly are you trying to do in the dashboard and what is not working? Are you able to post a screenshot?

I have no idea what to do but thank you.

Change your nameservers to the two shown on the DNS app of your cloudflare dashboard.

Login and select a plan type for those two, they are still sitting in the setup phase. I’d start with free.

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