New Contact Form 7 update conflicting with APO and other cache plugins

The Contact form 7 plugin on WordPress has recently been updated to v5.4 and this has caused major conflicts with all caching plugins. Can view over 50 support reports here - [Contact Form 7] Support | - I have a number of websites on cache everything page rules and I have simply setup a pagerule to bypass my contact us page and it has resolved the issue. However, I have 2 websites running on APO and Contact Form 7 is not working correctly on these. I have 2 requests.

  1. Can the APO engineers look at how v5.4 of Contact Form 7 now works as it is different and conflicts with cache plugins?

  2. As a bandaid solution is it possible to prevent APO from caching 1 page (my contact us page) with a page rule for example?

I am not sure abut this one, if it is due to some conflict with the script/css file, but I can recommend and believe @yevgen can assist you or at least provide some usefull information regarding your issue.

Above is the issue I have. When you submit the form the wheel simply continues to spin. The reason is explained by the guy who answers the forum question - pca2014.

Everyone on the forum is having this issue. It is caused by the CF7 v5.4 update due to the author’s use of nonces (security tokens) and a common JS library. There are three known reasons this could be happening. The first two are bypassed when logged in as a user because that will bypass your cache and minifiction of JavaScript (combining/deferring).

I think #2 might be your solution. I think it break the animation like it broke all of my animated layersliders.

  1. Nonces in CF7 expire after 12 or 24 hours if the form page is cached. You either have to recache every 12 to 24 hours or permanently uncache the page.

  2. Minifiction of JavaScript and (combining/deferring) will break the forms. This is sometimes done through a cache plugin but not always.

I bypass cache on some pages with APO in place using Page Rules. Works well.

@bondimedical3 APO allows to bypass caching using Page Rules as explained here: Understanding Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) with WordPress – Cloudflare Help Center.


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