New comments does not update when enabling APO

Hi, I’m using wordpress as cms and wpdiscuz as comment manager in my website.
after enabling APO, comments does not update in pages and rating of comments does not update too.
I asked this problem from author of plugin in wordpress support and they told me you should ask from cloudflare.
Does anyone knows what should i do ?
by the way, one of the website url is:فال-حافظ

APO probably doesn’t recognize the cookie the plugin uses, so it’s not showing a live version. And APO probably isn’t recognizing the various triggers when content is updated, so it’s not purging the cache, either. APO isn’t very compatible with non-core activities in WordPress. Is this one specific area of your site with comments? Or is it on most content?

You might have to set a Page Rule for that part of your site to Bypass Cache.

No, All of content in my website use this plugin for commenting. Could you please help me to understand what should i do ? APO is really useful for my website but this problem doesn’t let me to use it.

There isn’t much you can do on your end; a developer must add compatibility between both plugins to fix this.
If your plugin isn’t listed here, the chances are that your service is prone to malfunctioning.

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