New cname values not getting active


Im trying to connect my Page to Clickfunnels, and i did it excactly like its explained in their instructions.

Somehow it seems that nothing is happening with the C Names, if I try to verify the Page it says I have to update the Cname values which i did.

If i try to make DNS check, following error occurs

The Domain is active on cloudfare and did pass the nameserver check.

Its not working for over 24 hours now.

I really dont know what to do anymore :confused:

The record type returned wil be an A record, not a CNAME a CNAME is not valid at the root, Cloudflare takes the CNAME value and returns the IP address of the target. To do otherwise would break external servers.


thanks for your help but i dont get what excactly i should change now to be honest,

In my opinion ive set it up the same way like the link you have posted?

or did i overlook something?

Which value excactly i have to change/remove/add?

Nothing to change, except the value you’re looking for:

The value returned will be an A record, not a CNAME. It’s in place and appears to resolve correctly.


Okay thank you, so it’s not on me that its not possible to verify the domain on clickfunnels? Anything else what i could do?

If the domain hasn’t verified on Clickfunnels I would speak with them… assuming what you are trying to verify is the root record and not the www. For the www you may want to cname it to the same place (… but not all that familiar with their actual service (or how they do the underlying validation).

Interesting stuff to read. Keep it up.

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