New CNAME Record to verify domain in Bonjoro

Hey there Cloudflare community!

Just tried to add a new CNAME record. Following the instructions given to us by Bonjoro, an app that allows you to create custom email addresses which can be used to send messages from Bonjoro.

They need to be verified, and for us to do that they gave us these steps to follow:

  1. Head to your DNS provider
  2. Find the DNS management area
  3. Add a new CNAME record: (they provided a Key and a Value)
  4. Head back to bonjoro
  5. Click “verify”, wait a couple of minutes.

We did all the steps above, but when we tried to verify in Bonjoro it didn’t work. They advised that we should ask our DNS provider, Cloudflare, since the domain is using Cloudflare nameservers and that they will be familiar with the system.

Does anyone else here use the Bonjoro app? If so, did you encounter a similar problem when trying to verify your domain?


You’ll probably need to unproxy that CNAME. Switch it from :orange: to :grey:.

Awesome! Thanks Sandro. It worked :smiley:
All good now.

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