[New Cloudflare Product Request] GPU Cloud Computing for Workers

Hi Cloudflare.

I would like to ask for a New Cloudflare Product
to be able to use in combination with the Cloudflare Workers
be it C/C++, Rust or Javascript.

I want to have the possiblity to Order a Cloudflare GPU Cloud Computing Product
to be able to load OpenCL Binarys like this is provided by other cloud providers.

Other Cloud providers like AWS, Google and so on give Customers like me
the Possibility to buy/rent a GPU Cloud to execute OpenCL Binarys inside the Cloud.

See here:
Google GPU Cloud


This missing Cloudflare GPU Cloud Computing Product need Cloudflare to offer also too !

Thank you in advance for the Possibility to Buy/Order GPU Cloud Computing from you as soon as possible.

They announced GPU support earlier this year, mainly targeting ML/AI workloads.

Submitting your particular use case using the form here will reach the relevant ears.


Hi Michael !

Thank you very much for your reply and the interessting links.

I find it great that Cloudflare partners with GPU Producers like Nivida
to offer AI possibilities.

If i understand it right this new planed Service is quite limited to AI and Tensorflow.

Most Websites do not require AI however but
a increasing number of Webservices / Webpages require GPU Computing Acceleration.

This new planed Offer from Cloudflare would leave a lot of Customers out
as it is limited only to AI besdie the fact that the GPU Infrastructure is availble to compute everything like opencl as a example.

This is so sad !
Cloudflare need do Better here and Offer the Possibility to Run own GPU kernels direct from the Workers and getting the Results using a Callback Function.
It exist allready such Javascript Librarys for NodeJS as a example where you just write the GPU Kernel
in Javascript and everything else is done in the background by this Library.

Here is a Research Study about GPU Accelerated Websites !

Only proving AI for Workers is not enogh.

We need GPU Acceleration Possibility for our Website Workes
to creat amazing new Things like applying filters to Pictures !

Would be really great if the Cloudflare Workers Team CC @cloonan
could make it possible to run GPU Kernels from inside the Workers.

This will be a Huge Leap Forward for us Cloudflare Webmaster Customers
to creat new amazing thing using this new GPU Acceleration.


Which is why I suggested submitting the form with your use case. My experience is that CF actually listens to customer requirements if they fit in to the overall plan.


Hi Michael.

I just submitted my Request to the page you posted.

My use case for GPU Acceleration for Workers is Augemented Reality.

At the Moment as a Cloudflare Workers Customer i am not able to create
APPs like Snapchat to be able use Filters on uploaded Images or Sounds.

Also Cloudflare Workers without GPU Acceleration Possiblity
does not give me the possiblity to build eCommerce Solutions
with Augemented Reality Possibility where Visitors can use their Smart Phones
to see the Products inside their living room.
Biometrics calculation be it for Login/Sign-In or a recommendation system
is also not possible without GPU Acceleration for Workers.

Without GPU Acceleration for Workers People like me are forced to
use instead Google or AWS Cloud Products instead the Cloudflare Products.

Having GPU Acceleration for Workers would make easy to accelerate Image Filters
and do Computings like Biometrics for Login/Sign-in and other stuff.

Here is my Request i just sent them.
Hope soon they will make it possible for Beta Testers to use GPU
Acceleration for Workers using WebCL/OpenCL GPU Kernels
or Javasscript Librarys like GPUjs

GPU.js is a JavaScript Acceleration library for GPGPU (General purpose computing on GPUs) in JavaScript for Web and Node. GPU.js automatically transpiles simple JavaScript functions into shader language and compiles them so they run on your GPU.


GPU.js in the wild, all around the net. Add yours here!

CC @cloonan @KentonVarda @jgrahamc

I am a Cloudflare Workers Customer with a paid Pro Plan and would like to be able to use
GPU Computing with Workers.
I refer to this Cloudflare Community Post here
[New Cloudflare Product Request] GPU Cloud Computing for Workers - Feature Request Submitting & Feedback - Cloudflare Community
asking for a GPU Acceleration functionality for Workers to be able to do things like apply filters
to Images or Sound like Snapchat does, or be able to create eCommerce Workers Websites with Augemented Reality possibility or do Biometrics for Login/Sign-In possibility.

For this best is when OpenCL like API interface exist
be it WebCL or this great NodeJS JavaScript GPU Library here that makes it easy to Write
GPU Kernels in JavaScript and deploy it to the GPU
pipeline to be executed.
See here for more details:
GitHub - gpujs/gpu.js: GPU Accelerated JavaScript

Looking Forward to be able to use GPU
Acceleration for my Workers.

Best Regards
Romeo aka SEOWorks

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I understand the need to do it via JavaScript or Workers, but from my curiosity, may I just ask regarding applying filters to pictures, as from web developer perspective, which CSS filter(s) (either the ones from below links) doesn’t fit the needs nowadays? :slight_smile:


Even I could generate a new image to download using them from the user’s input (uploaded one), be it NodeJS or some other.

From other view, WebGL is really heavy for some Web browsers either nowadays.
Due to the OpenCL, this reminds me on the HTML5 Games and other stuff :slight_smile:

I am not sure how could Cloudflare do this, and I am not saying it’s not possible, but due to my concern, will it have to be handled by the end-user or by the infrastructure of the Cloudflare?
Should it go over the network, like image resizing, etc., or?
I mean, as we saw few examples as recent CDN.js or GitHub Pages, hopefully someone wouldn’t run “bad code” for mining on Cloudflare Pages over JS and Workers, which could potentially damage the infrastructure - not to mention the power needed to run this too.

Or, maybe I wrongly interpreted and understood the need of GPU for Workers.
Could be I am wrong about it here.

Cool topic. I remember we have had an idea to film a video of some culture buildings and attractions for turists in my town, then we tought about throwing some things inside for the VR like knights, blacksmith, etc., just not from games, but rather as being CGI or to be more realistic in that case :wink:

With applying Filters to Pictures to create Augemented Reality
i meant Filters like Snapchat and other Type of Apps
that rerender the Uploaded Image and create a new One to be shared
on Social Media as a example.

For this to be done the Processing need be done with GPU Accelerated
Workers and not on weak Smartphones.

Same apply to Sound Filters.
Record Voice of a Person,
upload it to Cloudflare Accelerated GPU Workers,
Apply Filters on the Uploaded Content
Return the modified Augemented Reality Content.

At the moment this is not Possible with Cloudflare
and Requires third party Hosting Providers
which is against the Serverless approach of Cloudflare.