New Cloudflare on network with existing site to site VPN

I am trying to implement Tunnels. I have 2 sites that are already connected with a router based ipsec site to site vpn. Each site has it’s own private IP range, but configured on the router to be able to see each site’s private network. I can’t turn off the site to site vpn.

I have created a tunnel for each site, but I am just read that I should possibly reuse the same tunnel as a replica. What is the suggested tunnel configuation?

If what you want is to reuse the same tunnel that you currently have, just go to your tunnel and in its configuration create a new public host name.

Within that configuration you will determine where this new public host will point and that’s it.

For example if you own

a website on port 2000 and another on port 3000
Well, you would have two tunnels that each point to one of these ports.

My English is bad, but I hope I have helped you.

Thank you for the response. To clarify, is there an issue with having a tunnel at each site while still maintaining the router site to to site VPN. Does having overlapping duplicate accessible IP ranges cause an issue?

There is no issue with having two tunnels but there is also no benefit to having two tunnels either. Why would you like to have two instead of one, are you worried about something?

I was thinking 2 tunnels so that I could have redundancy. If I have one tunnel at one site, and that site goes down, the site to site VPN is down and I loose access to the other site.