New cloudflare IP range?

Having some issue today with multiple api endpoints that proxy through cloudflare.
When performing an nslookup the ip’s given ( do not appear in the IP range document -
We run a firewall only allowing cloudflare IP’s in. Is this a new range and what is it’s full range, and if so can the docs be updated please.

Secondly, even when adding that IP range and later turning the firewall off completely any site that resolved to that range of IPs still did not work. By fiddling with DNS entries (turning records from CNAME to A’s and vice versa) I managed to get the revolving IPs back on known cloudflare IPs and working again.

So, if that range is new, is it actually functional?


That IP address range belongs to Namecheap.


Thanks cscharff, that gave me the pointer I needed. Seems our domain expired.

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