New Cloudflare Images: help needed

yesterday I subscribed to the new Cloudflare Images, since I’m interested in resizing images and delivering them without using the Jetpack CDN (formerly Photon). I’ve created three variants but, after one day, no image has been transformed or delivered.
The documentation is of no help, at least to me.
Can someone help me? Thanks in advance

Hi @Phastidio ,

I’m sorry that you’re facing problems with the latest changes to our product. I’m happy to look into it. You say that no image has been transformed or delivered? Does that mean that you’re unable to request your images? Can you provide me with a sample link to a broken image?


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Hi @florian9,

thanks for your help. There are no broken images, actually. The counter of transformed/delivered images stays at 0.

This is the link to my site, thanks

Ah, I see. So your main concern is about the predictability of your billing if I understand correctly? The graph for transformations is generally much more flat than the previous graph for resizing events and transformations may not show up immediately.

But I will take a look into the configuration and setup of your site to make sure everything is correctly wired up. In the meantime I don’t think there’s reason to worry as long as your images are delivered correctly and in a performant way.

Give me a little time to get back to you on this.

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:email: I’ve followed up via DM.

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