New CloudFlare CDN implementation

We have opened a new Cloudflare account. The objective is to increase page speed and page load times to improve web performance, user experience and engagement with the site. The website is build on Wordpress using Wordpress servers, utilising the Divi page builder. We’re seeing poor page load times (up to 6-8 sec), we have applied various plugins such as WP-Rocket and Imagify to compress images (which has helped), and we wish to speed the site up further deploying Cloudflare’s CDN (the objective us sub 2 sec fully loaded). As soon as we update DNS name server records in 123-Reg (from Wordpress to Cloudflare) the website incurs downtime and does not load - the error displayed is “This page isn’t working - redirected too many times”. Can anyone please offer support so we can troubleshoot and fix this, to enable Cloudflare to work?

Make sure your encryption mode on Cloudflare is Full Strict.

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Thank you for the prompt reply. Where would we check/change this mode setting?

Done, thank you. In you experience is the only way to test this is to update the DNS nameservers to replace Wordpress and direct to Cloudflare in the live environment and monitor? The last thing we want is another downtime occurence today.

For Cloudflare to enable your domain, you need to update the nameservers to begin with. Is your domain active on Cloudflare?

Yes the domain has been added and is active on Cloudflare. We temporarily updated nameservers yesterday, but it resulted in downtime immediately and the website not loading, until we switched back the default nameservers, then everything was restored. So we didn’t get to see any Cloudflare benefits as of yet, as the site failed to load.

The error displayed in Chrome browser was “This page isn’t working - redirected too many times”

What’s the domain?

wyldeconnections co uk

The domain is active on Cloudflare, but you have no DNS entry for the naked domain. You need to verify your DNS entries.

Is the next step in the process to update the DNS entries? ie the name servers to Cloudflare?

We did this yesterday and it resulted in downtime immediately, until we reverted back to the current default name servers.

First question, what’s your current encryption mode?

SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full (strict)

Then verify your DNS entries on Cloudflare next.

As in change the DNS name servers from Wordpress to Cloudflare? Apologies, first time setup here.

No, this is not about nameservers. You need to verify the entries that you configured on Cloudflare.

Thank you for confirming. Can you tell me where to do this? A developer set this up on my behalf, and now I am attempting to complete the process.

Thank you for the link. I am not entirely sure what is meant by ‘verify the entires’. Is there a way/need to verify each record in the DNS management?

I am afraid that would be something to discuss with your host. You need to make sure that all DNS entries required for your site are there. For example, you are using the naked domain, but have no entry for that. So that you definitely need to configure.