(new) certificate while moving to a new CF account?

I’m about to move a website that is already on a CF account to a new account (for administrative reasons).
In the current account we’re also using the origin certificate that CF offers.
Now, I’m wondering if and how I should setup the SSL in the new CF account.
It seems that I can’t generate any certificate before moving the domain, but I can imagine the old certificate is not working anymore after moving.
In short:

  1. Do I need to create new certificates on the new CF account or does the old one keep working?
  2. How can I create a new certificate BEFORE moving the domain?(so that we don’t have any SSL downtime while installing the new certificate.

Many thanks in advance for any help!

If you temporarily set “SSL” to “Full” (not strict) on the new account, CF will connect to your server without verifying the origin certificate. During this time, your site will continue to work, and you can work on getting a new origin certificate to install on the server.

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Hi Judge,
Many thanks for the quick response!
I will give that a try

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