New? Captchas really hurt my site

A few weeks ago some new form of CAPTCHAs started appearing on my website whenever a student tries to sign up/sign in:
The entire website is in hebrew, and is being used mostly by people who don’t understand english.
I couldn’t find a way to cancel this.
website url:
You can recreate this by yourself by going here:
and refilling the form.
It’s a big deal, I get tons of requests from people on when will this be disabled.

You can access the page in the pic here:
notice it’s made by cloudflare.

How do I disable this?

Have you checked the firewall events in Cloudflare dashboard? It will tell you who was sending CAPTCHA to your visitors.

Thank you for the reply!
This is what I see:

Is there a firewall rule I could add to remove captchas altogether?