New cache is not being created

Hello everyone
All of a sudden, cloudflare is not able to create caches of new files. A new file present in our website and accessible by our direct domain shows up while using the CDN url, it does not. As an example:
returns a page not found
This started sometime yesterday. Older images etc through the CDN domain are loading up fine.
I even updated the list of IPs to allowlist on our server from but the problem remains. Could someone please help me resolve this problem?

Assuming the cdn host points to the same address as the naked domain, that’s a host issue. It’s best you unproxy the cdn hostname and fix the server configuration. Once the server provides the correct content, it will also work on Cloudflare.

Also, you do not have a valid certificate for cdn and an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare.

Thanks for your help. As I stated earlier too, the URL with the host domain works perfectly fine while the proxied URL results in 404. The cdn is not pulling from the host anymore despite no changes made to any configuration. I tried pulling down the firewall on the host, hoping that might be blocking cloudflare, but that too did not help.
The ssl on the cdn is provided by cloudflare and its not something we manage.
It is strange that this happened since everything was running perfectly till yesterday.

You are talking about different URLs here, so you cannot compare that.

The issue is with cdn and your server configuration. As mentioned, unproxy that and discuss it with your host. The server needs to provide the proper response and needs to serve it on HTTPS.

However, I have the impression you have a wrong understanding of what Cloudflare does. That cdn hostname is probably not necessary for your setup and actually a violation of the terms of service. I would advise to take a look at New to Cloudflare? Start here. · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

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