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I’m new here and just signed up for an account - well, I hit the FREE button and some dashboard has launched with a thousand and one options I know virtually nothing about!

Basically I’m running a small non-profit web site and wanted to obscure email addresses (so they can’t be scraped) - an advisor at our hosting (Clook) said to look at Cloudflare. So here I am.

But I have no idea what Cloudflare will actually do if I add our website. I want to obfuscatte email addresses, and would like to know how to do that. But maybe there are other protections which are automatically triggered when I add outr site here?

Sorry, I’m not very technical - I don’t even know what a CDN is! (though apparently the web says cloudflare is a ‘CDN’. Right… :thinking:

Any simple guidance , especially about email obfuscation, would be welcome.

Many thanks

Similar question came up here, Why should we use Cloudflare? - #3 by cloonan

Content Delivery Network, good high level article here,

The WAF, web application firewall is really nice to protect your site from attacks. Explained here,

Explanation here, What is Email Address Obfuscation? · Cloudflare Support docs.

Enable it here

This image shows email obfuscation enabled

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