New and my site is slower

Hi, my site is Now on Cloudflare the product pages are slightly slower. I think I updated the nameservers correctly, and I put everything on the orange clouds. Other than that I do not understand too much, but pagespeed insights says my product pages are slower which is a disaster if I cant get them faster. I hope someone can advise on any settings I need or maybe I should just disconnect. My site runs on a VPS server. Thanks by advance apologies if I missed something obvious. Edit spelling

Warning for others checking out the site’s performance: It’s not NSFW.

It loads pretty quickly for me, considering all the resources. There are a couple of AWS resources from Shoptimally that are slower than your own resources. They take about a second to load for me. Maybe because they’re in the EU and I’m in Los Angeles. Those are the resources slowing down your site for me, as your page won’t finish loading without them. Everything from your domain loads very quickly.

My apologies, yes it is NSFW. It’s just unclothed in some instances maybe that’s why I forgot. Anyway, thanks for that information. My home page is fast and so are my category pages. My product pages are hopelessly trapped in Abantecart. Abantecart is using endless resources and running cookies, remote css, and so on, but it is not easy to escape quickly.

My main question is if Cloudflare can speed things up? I thought they would cache the pages and load them more quickly? If its not faster I’ll prefer to just be on my own server, and doubly the case if Cloudfare is also using cookies.

I am having issues at Google with some pages that are not mobile friendly, except that they are, but the slow load apparently causes their test to abort. Google is also giving me zero fast and zero moderate speed pages, zero slow pages as well!

So I am disconnecting and I think back to normal speeds. I’ll continue to monitor here to see if there are any ideas. Thanks again. Many Edits.

Cloudflare can’t do anything to speed up third-party resources. Those two JS files loading from AWS look like they haven’t changed in a few years. Any chance you can host them locally instead?

I had identified those resources as cookies or containing cookies and they are from Abantecart. I have already reported it to them and nothing is being done. Maybe their development is slowing or they really need those cookies. What I am doing is moving my pages out. I moved some more pages out of Abantecart and achieved 0.8 FCP and 20ms FID. I cannot achieve passing on mobile friendly at Google with those resources running. Thanks for your info.

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