New account suspended and not reply from cloudflare

Hi There,

I purchased domain 2 days back from cloudflare. Suddanly after 2 days my domain got down and not able to access any static pages. I checked emails and they sent your account is suspended. I sent number of mails to recover it and asked for reason of suspension. There is no reply from them.
I feel I made big mistake to purchase domain from cloudflare.
What should I do?

I see the reply from the Support agent indicating they escalated your request to the Trust and Safety Team, you’ll need to wait for their reply.

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Hi Cloonan,

Thank you for the update.

But why there is no tracking on it? Nobody connected to me yet.

It’s been 4 days now . Nobody is connecting or reply in mail.
Very bad services.

Can anybody please helpme to get rid out of this?

I have raised support ticket and they suggested someone from trusted group will contact you.

It’s been 2 days but nobody connected.
Why we need to suffer to much for our queries.

I raised query and this person closed. but there is no tracking who is going to help…

Please help me to recover my account. why it is suspended in 2 days? and let me know what is cause and how to recover.

Please don’t open multiple threads on the same topic. No one in the community forums can assist you. Your request is with the appropriate team for review. There is no specific timeframe anyone can provide.

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