New account -> Nameserver propagation

Hi - I am trying to set up a domain here at Cloudflare :

I changed the nameservers at the registrar - (namesco) - as per instructions to: /

But two days later I’m still seeing ‘Pending Nameserver Update’. I have seen the ‘can take up to 72 hrs’ message but have never known propagation to take that long before.

Can anyone advise any checks I can make to see whether this change is actually happening? - we have a site that was supposed to go live 2 days ago and I’m getting a lot of heat.

How long does it usually take in practice?

Many thanks for your help

Your domain still points to Phase8. You need to change that at the registrar. The registrar of that domain does not appear to be Namesco, but

Hi thanks sandro. The domain was definitely purchased at namesco and they have a UI that offers ability to change nameservers - which I have done.

Could namesco be a proxy / reseller for

It could be a reseller, cant tell. Could it be you created two NS records instead of changing the nameservers? Thats a common issue.

thanks Sandro - from Googling I can see that acquired namesco a while back

the form UI is definitely ‘change nameservers’

Do you know what is a usual propagation time - maybe I just have to be patient but have never known it to take so long. Do you know any checks that can be made to see if propagation is underway?

When did you make the change? I dont think it is a propagation issue, nothing about that domain looks like the nameservers were changed at all. It was last modified a week ago and I guess this was a renewal.

about 48 hours ago

That should have long taken effect. Double check if the nameservers are actually changed in the UI and if they are contact your registrar for clarification.

Will do - many thanks for your help.

Nameservers have been changed two minutes ago. Now Cloudflare should be able to verify your domain eventually.

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