New account email verification

My account email is handled by M365. When I send to the address from services like Gmail or alternative 365 tenants, the email arrives safely into that account, so I know the account and mx records to be good.

When I request an email verification code to be sent from from my newly created Cloudflare account, this does not arrive. I have confirmed via M365 Mail Trace that the email never arrives at the 365 tenant where the test emails are shown.

Verification was attempted multiple times yesterday, and then again today without success.

Iā€™m unable to verify my account, and therefore unable to add a payment method and arrange domain registrar migration.

Has anyone else experienced similar and manage to overcome it?

It looks like your email bounced and ended up in a suppression list on our side. I checked the associated ticket in your account, and it looks like we have removed you from the suppression list so you should now receive emails.

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