New Account activation past 24 hour


Any help appreciated. Registered this account early afternoon yesterday and made changes to DNS, yet still not activated - thanks



Sometimes it takes my domains closer to 48 hours for the name server propagation. I see your SOA isn’t fully propagated:



NS records are pointing to Cloudflare, though. Make sure the A, AAAA and CNAME records are set as :orange: and not as :grey: on the DNS tab.

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@floripare I’ve gone ahead and made adjustments on the DNS tab. Thanks

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@sdayman thanks for the feedback. Ill give it another 24 hours

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Your nameservers still point to Amazon. You appear to have specified the nameservers on Amazon, but you’ll need to do this at your registrar instead.

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@sandro My domain is on AWS Route 53 and I’ve changed the NS records as per the email I received. There is only one NS record. There is one A record which points to the IP address to the EC2 server. The rest of the CNAME are email services / other services. The only record I see if the SOA — Nothing Ive received from Cloudfare has required or indicated a need to change that record.



You need to change the nameservers at your registrar, not Amazon.



If I

test on AWS DNS it says that it is routing through Cloudflare



Precisely, that is the wrong spot. Again, you need to change them at your registrar, which appears to be Gandi.



shows all NS traffic flowing through Cloudfare NS records



Do you hear me? Your nameservers are not changed at your registrar. Right?

For the fourth time, you need to go to your registrar - which as I mentioned is Gandi - and change the nameservers there. As long as you dont do that it will not work.

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@sandro sorry you are correct. Shows it as changed on AWS but when I search I see that I need to contact Gandi. I have no idea why it is not managed by amazon as the rest are … I have contacted them.



Did you not register the domain at Gandi?



@sandro no, it was not registered with Gandi. It was originally created at GoDaddy and then I transferred it to AWS Route 53 and have just discovered that it is registered with Gandi with which I have had no interaction or affiliation.



Did you transfer it to Amazon? If so, that would indicate Amazon uses Gandi as registrar, which would surprise me to be honest.

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Actually I can confirm - my .sh domain shows up as gandi in the whois, but it’s registered via route53’s console.

Amazon is a reseller of the registrar Gandi.



@sandro again thanks for the help. After much searching and work Ive found out the following. Gandi is an authorized registrar of Amazon. To @judges point. I sent messages to AWS and Gandi, none of which had any clue or didn’t reply. Also you cannot change the NS records in the Route 53 DNS records as it will show change, but wont actually change. You have to go to another AWS dashboard to change, which I have now done. For others here is what I mean.

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PS Ive made the changes. Hopefully that will flow through in the next couple of hours.



Final update. Thanks for all the help! Soooooo much easier than AWS Cloudfront! I’m pleased to announce that my site is up and running on Cloudflare and scoring a perfect 100. Takes a lot of work to get it there - cache browser, session storage, OS caching, dev caching, SVG images, etc, etc but I’m there ! The site is still in dev mode and will go live in 48 hours!

Thanks again for all the help! Great solution!