New AAAA Records appearing in my account

I’ve just noticed these AAAA records added to my DNS 12 days ago, but these records have not been added to any other domains in the account… Why have these been added to my account? Why are there two separate entries with different details basically being duplicated with different data?


AAAA 2606:4700:3037::ac43:9257 Auto !
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modified 12 days ago

AAAA 2606:4700:3033::6815:479e Auto !

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AAAA www 2606:4700:3037::ac43:9257 Auto !

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AAAA www 2606:4700:3033::6815:479e Auto !

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You can check the Audit Log at the top of

Most likely, you provided your Global API Key to a third party to help configure your account. Usually this happens with Ezoic.

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