New A records keeps being deleted

I have a small EC2 instance where a number of websites are hosted. Currently, there are 2. Let’s call them -> ->

We’re planning on adding a staging/dev counterpart for these sites, to be hosted on the same ec2 instance. For example: -> ->

However, Cloudflare seems to be deleting these staging entries consistently. I’ve re-entered them 3 times now, and roughly 24hrs later when I come back to continue my work, the DNS entries will have been deleted again.

I think I may have been tripping an unknown policy on cloudflare resulting in this action, but I’m not really sure. There’s about 61 DNS records on our account, and I’m not sure if there’s a hard limit being imposed here.

DNS changes are caused by one of two actions:

  1. Someone logged into your account and deleted them.
  2. A third party uses your API key to maintain your DNS records here. (It’s usually this)

If you check the Audit Log at the top of, it should show when and how this happened.

Hey sdayman

OK, so it seems that everytime I added these accounts, my employer will delete them within the same day. Of course he denies it, and frankly, I don’t think he even knows how to. It also says the deletion was made via an API interface. And I don’t even remember activating those API keys, so it must be a third party.

I think the mystery is solve, for now. WIll come back here again in case I hit another wall. Thanks for your advice!

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