New A record is served with incorrect IP, yet reverse lookup returns correct name

New A records added 1.5 hours ago, not published.

Lookups on the names return the parent domain default records - i.e. for an existing web server.

Reverse lookup with dig -x on the target IP returns the correct name of the first A record.

Lookups against local servers and the authoritative (Cloudflare) servers both give the same results, so this is not just a local caching issue.

I need to wait another 24/48 hours?

dig +short
dig +short
dig -x +short # correct target IP, visible in Cloudflare console DNS listing


That is the correct IP address. If you don’t want to take advantage of Cloudflare related services such as DDoS protection and caching, you can point directly to your origin server by disabling proxy and using DNS only :grey:


I may not have described the problem clearly enough.

I created a record in the CF DNS Records form, entering these details:

Name: demo (or, which reverts to ‘demo’ on entry)
Type: A

CF is publishing these details:

dig +short

Can you see the confusion / error?

Yes. Go ahead and change the :orange: record to :grey: and see what happens.

When a record is being proxied the IP address returned to a external user is the address of the proxy service.


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